I completed my Ph.D. in Aug/2013 under the supervision of Prof. Manuela Veloso in the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). In my thesis, I introduced short-sighted planning, a novel approach to effectively plan under uncertainty. As part of my Ph.D. program, I received a Master's of Science degree (2010) by using machine learning techniques to classify the opponent's strategy in the RoboCup small size league.

Before going to CMU, I received my first Master's of Science degree (2006) and Bachelor of Computer Science degree (2004) from Instituto de Matemática e Estatística at Universidade de São Paulo under the supervision of Prof. Leliane Nunes de Barros. In this Master's thesis, I introduced a new model for planning under uncertainty in which actions can be either probabilistic, non-deterministic or anything in between. In my research project for undergraduates, I programmed Lego Mindstorm robots using deterministic planners and automatic theorem provers.

Teaching: During my Ph.D. at CMU, I was a TA for Graduate Artificial Intelligence in Spring 2012 and Probabilistic Graphical Models in Fall 2010.

Internships: I did two internships at Google: (i) 2010 in the Pittsburgh office working with regularization for one of their machine learning systems; and (ii) 2011 in the Seattle-Kirkland office working with feature selection for a specific machine learning problem.

Here are my CV and links to my profile at Google Scholar and DBLP.

  • News and Highlights
    • ASNets: Learning generalized policies for SSPs using neural nets (AAAI'18).
    • h-pom, h-roc, and i2-dual won the best paper award at ICAPS'17!
    • New efficient approach to solve SSPs and C-SSPs with dead ends (UAI'17).
    • Solving SSPs and MDPs with PCTL* constraints (TABLEAUX'17).
    • h-pom and h-roc: the first heuristics able to handle probabilities and costs for SSPs and C-SSPs (ICAPS'17).
    • i-dual won the best paper award at ICAPS'16!
    • QTM won the best paper award from the AI committee of TRB'16! (demo).
    • i-dual: combining AI and OR to efficiently solve constrained SSPs (ICAPS'16).
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