Felipe Trevizan

Felipe W. Trevizan

+61 2 6218 3757
NICTA - L2-24
7 London Circuit
Canberra ACT 2601

I am a researcher in the Foundations and Methods of Machine Learning Team at Data61 (formerly known as NICTA) and an adjunct research fellow at the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Australian National University. My research interests are: planning under uncertainty, decision-theoretic planning, heuristic search, and reinforcement learning.

  • News and Highlights
    • h-pom, h-roc, and i2-dual won the best paper award at ICAPS'17!
    • New efficient approach to solve SSPs and C-SSPs with dead ends (UAI'17).
    • Solving SSPs and MDPs with PCTL* constraints (TABLEAUX'17).
    • h-pom and h-roc: the first heuristics able to handle probabilities and costs for SSPs and C-SSPs (ICAPS'17).
    • i-dual won the best paper award at ICAPS'16!
    • QTM won the best paper award from the AI committee of TRB'16! (demo).
    • i-dual: combining AI and OR to efficiently solve constrained SSPs (ICAPS'16).
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